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Thanks for telling me about DNL... there's definitely need of some human touch in Neo-Manila. Love will prevail! :)


sorry taking longer then planned my pc after cleaning yesterday. decide it didnt want to work and when it was fixed ruined alot of my audio but! the game is fun! i do have some critics! maybe add little more choices i feel the chat in the game is long at times! some peeps may loose interest

I found a good end! However, I'm not a maid. EVER.


I absolutely adored how hard it was to find the good end through so much happening!

Thanks for playing, Dreamcatcher! You got some mighty bad luck there xD. Hope we could see you get a good end too!

I am really excited for the upcoming demo!! ^^

Thanks Tofu! We can't wait to show you guys either!

I'm still really looking forward to playing more of this sometime! If there's any way I can contribute to the project to help somehow (though I don't know too much in terms of code) I hope you might let me know!

Hey there, arceus, thought you'd like to know that we're coming out of cryo-freeze (aka hiatus) in order to finish the demo for NaNo 2019 :D I'll keep ya posted my man, hope you're doing well and still interested in our project  :)

I'd almost forgotten about this (222 days ago, it says?) but I am definitely still interested! Thanks for the reply!

I played this a while again and I'm (impatiently) awaiting the Day 1 patch! Any idea roughly when we can expected this release? And any way I can get notified?


Hey there arceus! Sorry about that, we didn't expect things to take this long either D:

While playtesting we came across a huge bug that deformed all our sprites and deleted about 40% of the script. Currently, I'm planning to go over and meet with the team personally to try and fix everything.

We could release 1.2.ALPHA with a beauty patch in the near future, but we're also thinking about just releasing everything in one go instead of fixing the Do Not Love in increments.

Don't worry, we'll post a devlog once the next update drops, and I'll message you personally so you don't miss out!

Thanks for the support ^_^ we're working our best to get this up and running ASAP :D

Sorry to hear that about bugs with the script! Perhaps next time it would be wise to keep a daily backup as not to jeopardize all your work if something goes amiss. That's what I tend to do with my stuff anyway.

Looking forward to the next update in any case!